Crazy Fox Boutique
and Outlet Store for Women

Santa Fe, NM

COVID Note: We're open (carefully of course) every day, 11:00 - 5:00.  Or, if you would  like an appointment, please call Maya at: 505-603-2721 and she will meet you at the shop.

News: We are happy to announce that we're now carrying two wonderful new lines: Paper Label and Kokun.  Using natural, soft washable yarns, they are comfortable and wearable styles you can use all year.  They both are perfect additions to our Margaret O'Leary sweaters and sportswear, and great prices too!

We are also working with local designers, featuring hand knit ponchos,washable rayon dresses and skirts, and heavy linen pants and skirts that you'll love to wear.

More News!  April, 2023 ` We are NOW HIRING !  Crazy Fox is looking for Part Time help,.  We have flexible days and hours available and are looking for someone who would hopefully know our store and be excited to work with us.  We would also love to meet someone new! 

Please stop in at the store, 227 Don Gaspar,  and ask for Angela or call 505 989-7935,  Angela"s cell: 505 901-3084 or Maya at 505 603-2721.

Thank you!

Maya Blue and Cove

Welcome from the owners, Maya Blue and Cove

Cove and I opened our little store in 1984 in Santa Fe Village in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the same spot where it is today. 

Our personal relationships with our designers enable us to buy directly from them, and sell at affordable prices. For over 30 years we’ve worked with Margaret O’Leary and Indigenous Designs.  We have hand knit ponchos, washable rayon dresses, and heavy linen skirts and pants made by local designers. 

We carry Kinross/Forte cashmere, Equestrian pants, and Julie Dillon hand knit children’s sweaters from Ireland, and have recently added Paper Label and Kokun. All at our great prices!

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We will be adding additional photos of our Fall Margaret O'Leary sweaters, and our two new lines, Kokun and Paper Label, soon!

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Crazy Fox is two people (or is it are two people?).  The official corporate name of this 'Mom and Pop' business is Blue Cove Inc. which stands for the two owners, Maya Blue and her husband Cove.  Cove likes to say, "I'm Crazy ... she's the Fox."

Maya and Cove met in 1970 on Haight Street in San Francisco, California and have been together ever since, most of that time working together in the 'schmatta' business.  When they first met Cove was making marbleized fabric in Berkeley CA, as well as working doing continuous yardage silk screening in an old firehouse in West Oakland under the name Cove's Firehouse Fabric Printers. Some of the fabric printing company's clients were young, up and coming designers like Betsey Johnson and a young fashion designer named Karen Alexander who also rented space in the old firehouse building.

Hand printed fabrics were wonderful but rather expensive to produce, especially for a small garment manufacturer.  As our hand-made arty printing business declined, Karen Alexander's ready-to-wear clothing manufacturing business boomed.  Her first successful product was a very popular line of women's dresses called Foxy Lady.

As with most clothing manufacturing operations Karen had some overage (samples, returns, damages, refused shipments, previous season's overstock, and excess fabric, buttons, findings etc.). In the garment business there is also the problem of what to do with this valuable, but hard to sell, inventory. Through Karen and Cove and Maya's friendship Cove and Maya ended up acting as a jobber for the Foxy Lady line which was by that time called Shady Grove Inc. At first Cove and Maya sold this overstock at flea markets and swap meets all over the country, traveling about a million miles and going through six engines in an old VW bus. They also had a little store (Paradise Cove) and ran trunk shows and sales.  

As the 80s came along, it was time to move and leave the San Francisco Bay Area. But before leaving they had a brainstorming session with Maya’s cousin “Flash” Gordon, the “rock doc” at the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, to determine a legit name for their women’s clothing business. Since they were heading to Indian country (Santa Fe), and because of our discounted prices, it was Flash who put together the brand Foxy Lady and the phrase ‘crazy like a fox’ and ended up with the name “Crazy Fox.”

In 1984 Cove and Maya settled down in Santa Fe NM and started Crazy Fox in Santa Fe Village, the same building they are in now. Maya worked in the store while Cove helped with the business, became involved in local politics, and continued to make marbled paper and art. As Margaret O’Leary put it: “She’s got the eye and he’s the money man.”